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Welcome to the Chapel

Mortimer West End Chapel

A warm welcome to our website from each of the 75 members of Mortimer West End Chapel.  Nestled in a small wooded area and as part of the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion we are a small Chapel with a large heart.  Our membership is made up largely but not entirely of families and our endeavour is to provide a place where every single member, irrespective of background, gender or age can feel safe and flourish, can develop the giftings each has and where each can play a part in carrying the gospel message forward.

We are congregational in approach, with the membership actively engaged in serving and in decision making, including the choice of outreach partners that we work with.  Currently and not exclusively these include work in Sierra Leone, giving to the local Food Bank, contributing to Open Doors and helping homeless in Bulgaria.  We passionately believe in the power of prayer and have various prayer groups meeting most days of the week.  Behind these prayer groups are a number of Life Groups, each of which differs in flavour, content and activity, with different levels of focus on bible teaching, prayer, outreach and relationship building.

Chapel is supported by a Stewardship Team made up of Deacons and Elders who serve across the full range of functions, ensuring that hospitality, communication, facilities, teaching and pastoral care remain a high priority.

We’d love to see you, perhaps just for a conversation where we can listen and share our hope, joy and confidence in Jesus Christ as Saviour for all.  Perhaps you’d appreciate prayer for whatever situation you find yourself or perhaps you’d like to join in a service on any Sunday morning.  Whatever we can do for you we will, for His Names Sake, make you very welcome in this part of Gods family.

Church Activities

Chapel endeavours to ensure that all members are engaged in major decisions, part of the congregational model we follow that contributes to our colorful culture. This culture includes quarterly gatherings where, after a celebratory meal, praise and thanksgiving, progress and feedback, issues and major decisions are determined. These milestones are offered or presented by the Stewardship Team, currently a 6 person team of elected volunteers that are responsible for the well being of Chapel members and resources.

Within the Stewardship Team are 4 Deacons including a Secretary, Treasurer and Head of Facilities and 2 Elders. Pastoral support is provided by a Pastoral Team in which one of the Elders serves, ensuring a point of coordination with the ST.

Most Chapel members belong to one of the many Life Groups which meet on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and provide teaching, prayer, outreach and social opportunities. We are keen to balance accountability and minimal hierarchy and as such are answerable to mentors and Trustees from the Countess of Huntingdons Connexion, the umbrella organisation of 21 churches in which we sit.

A Trustee joins us at our annual review where the membership decides on strategy and structure for the coming year or period, including the mission organisations to be supported and the team to lead it on. Long term partners include Open Doors, Sierra Leone Mission, Food Bank and Together in Mission. Our aim is to become increasingly outward focused, to connect more deeply with our partners in Christ, be they local or international, in furthering the gospel and providing hope.