Worship Central Course

A 7-session course exploring the big theological and practical issues around leading worship. Designed to empower leaders and teams to be as effective as they can be.

Who is it for?    – anyone and everyone who has a passion for worship

Delivered by?   – anyone who is up for it(!) Or via videos hosted by Tim Hughes & Al Gordon

Where?               – can be held anywhere; but venue is probably dictated by numbers

How long?          – Seven sessions; probably run weekly or fortnightly

Cost?                     – essentially nothing but maybe a contribution to food/refreshments if we go that way.

The sessions;

1 – Why worship is at the heart of everything we are called to do as people passionate about Jesus

2 – Encounter God – 6 key values forming the foundations of any worship team

3 – Leading Worship – Basic practicalities of leading plus the 3 big questions to bear in mind

4 – Releasing Creativity – The nitty-gritty of song-writing & creativity. Involving everybody.

5 – The effective team – working together as a team to bless our communities

6 – How to play together – the really practical one; working together & musical dynamics

7 – The authentic leader – 6 key principles of leadership, tuning our lives for God