Prayer Retreat

  • The chapel and cottage are set in 5 acres of woodland, and provide an ideal place for reflection and prayer.
  • Both individuals and small groups are welcome to spend the day listening to God.
  • Typically a retreat day is 10am to 4pm but there is a wide flexibility about times. There is a fully-equipped kitchen to make drinks and heat food.
  • An individual on retreat will have a quiet room for their exclusive use. You may enjoy the opportunity to wander in the grounds.
  • Groups have a small ‘schoolroom’, the chapel itself and smaller rooms in the cottage where they can meet.
  • Sometimes other activities will be taking place when you stay. We only ask that you take us as we are. There is enough room for everyone! You may even wish to join us in our times of prayer, fellowship and meals.
  • There is no cost. Freely we have received from God, freely we give.

Please contact [email protected].