Life Groups

We call our small groups LIFE Groups, which are generally geographically focussed, although some have a specific focus, such as Exploring Faith. Attendance and participation in LIFE groups is as important a part of The Chapel’s life as Sunday gatherings. The groups are open, welcoming and inclusive and seek to grow each of us in our relationships with one another and with Christ.

Currently, we have the following LIFE groups established:

Mortimer Life Group (KREW) Meeting: Every other Tuesday during term time. Co-ordinators: Brian & Brenda Baldwin. An activities and outreach based home group meeting at rotating home and outside venues.  The KREW name derives from some of our favourite pursuits; Kayaking, Riding (bikes), Eating & Walking, although it’s true to say that at least half our meetings are purely social or bible study based (especially in winter months).  Having a fun time supporting each other, meeting neighbours/workmates and exploring the gospel together underpins the meetings.

Mortimer Life Group 2 Meeting: Every other Wednesday 8 p.m. Co-ordinators John and Lorraine Walsh. Our focus is primarily bible study; we select a subject (i.e. anointing with oil) which the whole group can prepare two weeks in advance but which one person (rotating) will lead, using the scriptures they found.  We look at the scriptures and see how they fit in Church, family today.  We intend to follow up on one or two subjects such as Evangelism and use our understanding of scripture to use in a practical way.

Burghfield Life Group Meeting: Every other Wednesday 8 p.m. Co-ordinators Mark and Nicci Bridgland.  We meet to actively pray for each other and share bible studies on a rotational basis along with good fellowship.

Reading Life Group Meeting: Various. Co-ordinators Dave and Grace Turner.  We meet approximately once a month in various homes for mutual support as we workout our personal calling for family, employment and passion.  On occasions we have a bring and share meal.  We enjoy plenty of lively discussions.

Newbury Life Group Meeting: Every Monday 8 p.m. (except Bank Holidays). Co-ordinators John and Eija Moate.  We are a discipleship group who major in strengthening and equipping each other to live for Jesus and make Him known to others.  We pray regularly and we examine life and its challenges through deeper, interactive Bible study, exploring the questions we all ask.  Friendship, encouragement, pastoral care, learning, generosity, occasional song, lots of laughter, mission and food are all in the mix, as we worship the Lord and endeavour to love each other.

Jam & Flapjacks (J&F) Group Meeting: Monthly, Friday 8 p.m. (variable).  Co-ordinators Tom and Marion Goldsmith.  An informal home group catering for worship-minded musicians and singers (aspiring or otherwise) who gather to enjoy time together in a fairly chaotic, but always fun time singing, playing, praising or learning songs (the ‘Jam’ bit), all in home setting with copious hot drinks and cake and flapjacks (the other bit). Yes it can be a bit snug, but it provides a cosy setting for uplifting fellowship built around a shared passion for sung worship.

Breathe Group Meeting: First Saturday of the month, 3 p.m. start.  Co-ordinator Tony Derrett.  An opportunity to build friendships in an informal and creative way with those in the Chapel family and the community around.  No fixed agenda as what happens depends on who turns up and what they bring with them.  Perhaps a game of scrabble, a craft activity, a poem, a song, a dream or two.  Followed by ‘pot luck’ tea around 5-6 p.m. ish. (Exact timings and venue vary so worth getting your name on the mailing list if interested in this type of flexy fellowship.)